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1. How long does the shipping normally takes to get to my door?

It depends on what state you live in. It usually takes about 5 to 7 business days to reach your destination.

2. How long does it take to assemble a smaller ATV (ATA -110B) or what all I have to do to assemble it?

Once you receive your new ATV, you need to open it from the metal crate, screw down the handlebar, put the tires on as well as the front drum brakes etc, install the rear rack and you're done.

3. Will someone call us before delivering our new unit?

Yes, Our shipping company will call you to make an appointment before they show up that's why it's very important that you give us a working number so you can be reached easily.

4. Where are these ATVs And Go karts made?

Our products are all manufactured and engineered in China and we give you 12-month engine warranty.

5. On the ATVs and Go-Karts does the headlights and brake light really work?

Yes... These are real ATVs, Go karts with fully functional headlights and taillights with bulbs or LEDs.

6. Is your website safe for my personal information?

Of course! Our website is protected by SSL certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website.

7. What form of payments do you take?

We take all major credit cards, paypal.com and we also finance.

8. Why your prices are very low?

They are low because we do not have any overhead and we passed that saving right to you.

9. Can I buy online and pick up at your store?

Sure you are able to buy it online and we can assemble it test it for you before you take your new ride (Dealer Assembly is Charged).


For local pick up do you charge?

Dealer Assembly etc.
As a Authorized and state License dealership, We give our customers a fully assembled and tested unit. However, there are many things involved in that process 1) Freight; 2) Prep/Assembly/Set-up these costs must be passed on to the consumer. We get these units in a crate and must be assembled in it is entirety ( Assembly the unit consists of...
1. Putting on the tires, catter pins, Front suspension
2. Tighten up the shocks
3. Putting on the handlebars
4. Putting on the footrest (ATVs)
5. Putting on the front Bumper (ATVs)
6. Front and Rear racks (Where Applicable)
7 Putting on the roll bars (Go Karts)
8. Putting on the Rear Trunk (Scooter)
9. Assembling the headlights (Scooter)
10. Putting on the Seats (Go Karts)
11. Putting on the Seatbelts (Go Karts)
12. Installing the Dump bed (Utvs)
13. Putting on the Training Wheels (Dirt bike Where Applicable)
And Much more...

For Scooters Purchase customers must pay us Doc fee; 4) Title; 5) Temporary License/Registration; and 6) everybody's favorite, SALES TAX