Essential Accessories that Make Dirt Biking an Enjoyable and Safe Experience


Dirt bikes have become one of the major trends when it comes to adventurous sports. And looking into the craze for dirt biking many manufacturers today have started manufacturing a variety of dirt bikes in terms of size, style, look and more. And we at 360 Power Sports provide some of the coolest range of mini dirt bikes for sale and dirt bikes for sale online at a price that is unbeatable. Also we believe that there are various accessories that can make the dirt bikes even better for riding. The accessories not only enhance the riding experience but also protect you as well as your dirt bike making your life much easier.

So let us have a look on some of the important accessories that a dirt bike must have to make your rides enjoyable and safe.

· Pivot Levers

Standard levers get bent or snapped when the handlebar impacts the ground during the crash. And this can be awful especially when you are on trails miles away from home or in a race. Therefore adding pivot levers is highly recommended as these levers will fold in the opposite direction to normal and hence prevent from snapping. These levers are also spring loaded therefore; they will flick back into the position after they pivot. 

· Fork Bleeders

During a dirt bike ride the front suspension works hard for providing you a smooth ride. As the forks remain sealed, heat gets generated within them expand the air pockets that makes the ride stiffer and gradually worsens more as the pressure builds. All the forks have screws for releasing the built pressure, but that can be done only after you have ridden and it also requires tools. But when you replace the standard screws with fork bleeders the pressure built releases with a simple button press. And the best part of it is these fork bleeders are cheaper and can be installed in few minutes.

· Exhaust Wash Plug

As you ride on different terrains the dirt bike gets dirty and needs thorough cleaning to perform better. Washing the dirt bike also helps in preventing unnecessary wears and corrosion. However, while washing the bike you should never neglect the exhaust plugs. These plugs prevent water from entering the silencer, soaking the packing, rusting the exhaust, and entering inside the engine through the exhaust port. Not installing an exhaust wash plug can be an expensive mistake as it might cost hundreds to fix the issues. However, while buying an exhaust plug make sure to buy the one that has correct size as 2-stroke and 4-stroke plugs have different sizes. Also, look for soft material as hard plastic might not create a tight seal around the exhaust and let the water past!

These three are some of the most important accessories that you must install in your dirt bike to enhance your riding experience. There are other accessories such as hand guards, air-box wash cover, fender mount toolkit, hole shot device, skid plate and more that are essential for enhancing dirt biking experience.

We at 360 Power Sports provide mini dirt bikes for sale, dirt bikes for sale online along with various necessary accessories to provide you with ultimate dirt biking experience. To know more about our dirt bikes for sale online and accessories contact us at 469-217-7070 or email us at

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