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Trailmaster Cheetah 8 Go Kart: It comes with an air-cooled engine with a fully automatic with the reverse feature.  You can choose the assembly options available along with the color of go kart you would like to buy. Moreover, you can choose options for the warranty period as well.

Trailmaster Cheetah 8 Go Kart

This go kart is absolutely true to its name. It is very powerful and fast having the suspension of high performance go-kart. The functionality of this vehicle is just phenomenal. There are adjustable high back bucket seats and also an adjustable steering wheel accommodating all shapes, sizes, and skills level.

There is an automatic CVT with reverse, hydraulic disc brake, parking brake, fenders, canopy top, and cargo rack are some of the special features of this sleek and agile with power plan go kart.

We are assuring you of a very good buying. Customer service and the product you order both will be meeting your expectations well. Do not worry, we guarantee safe and smooth buying. You will get the best value for your amount.

This go kart targets youth to adults up to 5'8". This Cheetah go kart equips with 208cc, 7.5 HP horizontal OHV engine with torque converter CVT transmission allowing an easy take off. The top speed is 32M/H.

We have a wide collection of go karts, you can browse the list to find more amazing go karts to ride. There is a very good safety feature and that is a pull cord kill switch. Do not worry in cold weather the manual choke present will easily start this unit.

Now, have a look at some of the key features of this vehicle like its sporty stylish design, individual sports seats, large rear utility rack, rack and pinion steering wheel, 4 point safety seat belt, electric start with pull start backup, fully automatic with reverse, 7.5 HP air cooled engine, and more.

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