One of the best days in an off-road enthusiasts’ life is getting that new or used UTV. Whether it is brand new or just new to you, you feel like you are on top of the world.

While used UTVs can offer great value for money, but before agreeing to spend your hard-earned money on a previously enjoyed UTV, you should slow down your pace and consider your buying option. I could list several quotes from readers who had haphazardly bought used UTVs for sale and then only weeks after the purchase disaster strikes.

To help you avoid these pitfalls, I will take you through several steps I look for when buying a used UTV for sale, as well as small tells that might tip you off to a sour apple. First things first, know the machine you are going to potentially buy.

You will never really know what you will get in the used UTV for sale, but hopefully, you can stay a little informed when buying by taking little time to research.

Do not let the thrill of getting that new off-road vehicle loose your mind after the purchase!

Check Engine Oil

Dirty engine oil should not necessarily a deal-breaker, rather it should be a valid concern. When oil breaks down and starts to lose its cooling and lubricity properties, metal parts will begin to wear out quickly. Pull the dipstick and see what you are paying for. Search for the oil filter of the engine and check whether it has been changed recently. You might ask the owner if it has been serviced, but do not forget to see it for yourself to prove the claim.

Watch for Dirty or Low Coolant

Be sure to check the condition of the coolant, as the liquid-cooled engine is very popular in the UTV world. Ensure the engine is cool before removing the radiator cap as it can be under pressure and cause mishaps if the engine is hot. Since the radiator is subject to debris thrown up off the trail, inspect it for any damage. You need to do this because if the engine is overheated there could be hidden damage in the machine’s powerplant. Coolant should be of consistent green or orange color unless an aftermarket coolant has been added. Any particles or an oily look in the coolant will warn of significant problems.

Check the Driveline

UTV axles may take a beating and wear if abused in the stock suspension setting, but upon adding a lift to the machine the wear comes on faster and harder. Be cautious of lifting machines with no stock axles replacement. Also, inspect the boots on each axle of a used UTV both against the differential gear box and on the outside near the wheel. Busted CV boots can be a potentially devastating problem. Any grinding or crunching in the driveline should be immediately noted before you leave.

The thing we will advise is, not to rush when purchasing a new-to-you machine. It can be annoying to find what you think is the perfect UTV, only to see it up close and discover a bunch of problems that you are not willing to take on. But do not worry! With sellers putting more and more used UTVs for sale, we are confident that with the right amount of research and patience, you will find your perfect pre-owned ride in no time.

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